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JEC has range of CNC Lathe machines, CNC VMC and HMC, just right to meet your machine job work. Precision machining job on our CNC Turning Lathe, CNC VMC lathe ( Vertical Machining Centre ), CNC HMC lathe ( Horizontal Machining Centre ) are handled by highly skilled technicians. A team of well trained operators is an absolute requisite to ensure error free precision work on our machines.
Our strategy of keeping close relationship between engineering and manufacturing produces world class engineering products. In-house manufacturing facilities help to control quality, cost, reliability and availability. Expertise in sophisticated CNC machining centers for precision engineering jobs has stunned the industry with high-quality engineering products at economical prices. 
Throughout the manufacturing process, every component undergoes thorough inspection and testing and this data becomes an integral part of the research and development process. Through continuous monitoring and data collection, JEC constantly refines its engineering, design and manufacturing methods to guarantee quality jobs with volumetric accuracy and machine geometry. All this combines to produce the best.
RANGE : CNC Turning Lathe,
              VMC ( Vertical Machining Centre)
              HMC ( Horizontal machining centre )

ADVANTAGE : CNC control, featuring triple high-speed processors, equipments with flexible manufacturing systems for thoroughly streamline production capabilities and field an ever- growing line of high-precision CNC products.

CNC control is designed to be easy to use, using steps that are logical to operators, and utilizing built-in software that makes producing parts, not programming the operator’s key thought.

CNC lathe machine with unique anti-flex, torque-tube base casting and all cast-iron frame components. our CNC machines, yields rigidity and damping beyond that of machines using fabricated or weldment-type frames.

Our Lathe machine’s design provides high rigidity and a clean work area and Turning Center is a heavy-duty, American-made turning center

Our automated loaders and pallet systems allows “lights out” operation for increased productivity and efficiency.

PRODUCTS : Precision components, machine parts, spring facer, spindle assembly, valve seat, valve stem, threaded plug, guide bushing, turned roller, shoulder bolt, any pumps spares, valve spares, machines spares, etc. We can easily claim our expertise in developing any engineering component as per design, drawing or sample provided. 


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