Centrifugal Process Pump ANSI Series



Acid Transfer, Beverage Processing, Brine, Chemical Processing, Chloral-alkali, Corrosive Services, Organic Chemicals, Polymers, Sea Water, Solvents, Paper, Food, Synthetic Fibers, Slurry & others.


  • Delivery Size up to 200 mm (8″ Inch)
  • Capacity up to 410 M3/Hr.
  • Head up to 150 Meter
  • Working Pressur 17 kg/Cm2


Pumps are as per ANSI B73.1-2001. The design is of the back pull out type. Large varieties of models are available to operate at 1450 RPM and 2900 RPM at 50 HZ & 1750 RPM and 3500 RPM at 60 HZ. ANSI series chemical process pump is a horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump.

The shaft is of the dry type, with protection sleeve to prevent contact with the pumped liquid (for gland packed & standard mechanical seal only). For specialized cartridge mechanical seal models the shaft will be in contact with the pumped liquid.
The casing has end suction and top centerline delivery. The pump feet are integrally cast in the volute casing. Smooth hydraulic passages ensure high efficiency.
Impellers are of open type. Hydraulic balancing of impellers is achieved either by back vanes or by balancing holes. The impellers are dynamically balanced. Reliable fixing of the impeller on the shaft is achieved by using Helicoil insert under impeller nut.
The stuffing box is sealed by gland packing or by mechanical seal. Conversion from gland packing to mechanical seal is achieved by changing some standardized parts. Re-machining of the stuffing box is not necessary. Stuffing box cooling is provided for high-temperature applications
The bearing arrangement consists of Double Raw Angular Contact Ball Bearing and Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing. Oil level indicator is provided for oil level checking and maintaining.
Pump rotating element can be withdrawn towards the Motor end without disturbing the suction or delivery pipelines, due to back pull out design. The motor remains fixed to the base plate. The pump rotating element can easily be dismantled into its components. After reassembly no time-consuming re-alignment is necessary.


Clockwise viewed from driving end

The pump is only recommended for direct via a flexible spacer coupling. Spacer couplings enable utilization of the back pull out feature.
Base plates for electric drives are available in a variety of styles. Standard: Fixed & grouted directly to the foundation Anti Vibration: Rigid base plate on rubber mounts
Standard: ANSI B16.5 -150 Class    

Optional: Available on request


Reverse Vane Impeller Design

JEC offers pumps with reverse vane impeller which provides high efficiency and performance. The reverse vane design increases the bearings and seals life and thus offers a low cost of the pump maintenance.

  • Required NPSH is low compared to standard centrifugal process pumps.
  • Back Pull-out design allows removal of rotating parts without removing casing, piping or motor.
  • Due to reverse vane impeller low pressure on the seal chamber results in long life of seal.
  • Rear cover plate wear surface rather than the casing which is expensive. Flow exits from the rear of the impeller hence abrasive wear on the rear cover.

Open Impeller (Front Vane)

  • JEC also offers the pump with open type impellers.
  • It has complete interchangeability with reverse vane impellers.
  • These type of impellers are mostly used in the applications where liquid contains solid particles or fibrous.